Assembly & Outsourcing

Manual assembly of component groups and modules is a core competence of Nativel. Our specialised personnel also uses modern technologies in welding, soldering, bonding, printing and assembly processes. For this purpose, Nativel often uses and develops auxiliary devices tailored to the outsourcing requirements of customers. 

Assembly of Electrical Components, Automation Systems

Nativel offers professional assembly of complex electronic modules. The assembly portfolio includes linear, vibrating and rotary conveyors as well as electronic systems with over 200 individual parts. In connection with the high number of variants that are often present, Nativel offers management of supply parts. Furthermore, high quality and reliability are guaranteed by means of special devices for torque, power consumption, frequency and voltage testing.

Hand Soldering of Components

Our specialised personnel assembles SMD components and solders them manually by using soldering irons or hot air. We are also processing lead-free solder. In addition to the standard production processes, Nativel offers the possibility to assemble small series according to customer specifications.

Cable Harness Assembly

In cable harness assembly, Nativel offers, among others, the processes of trimming, stripping, insulating, crimping, pressing and lead-free/leaded tinning. We offer optimal solutions for efficient cable processing and assembly of cable harnesses. The integrated quality control guarantees maximum process reliability.

Plastic Welding

Ultrasonic welding allows joining of thermoplastic parts with high precision and minimal processing times. By means of thermocompression welding, Nativel ensures low deformation of the joined parts as well as high shear and tensile strength.

Pad Printing of Plastic Parts

Pad printing enables  flexible printing on any material. With this printing method, even curved surfaces are printed on accurately. By means of its proven pad printing machines, Nativel realises quality, speed and flexibility.

Packaging and Confecting

Individual packaging and confecting solutions are also offered on demand. Nativel provides both small series and large series assembly.